For each product sold we plant five trees.

We plant five trees for every sold product – Free worldwide shipping



Nordskov Jeager fron 40 mm

Nordskov Jeager

$ 339.00

The Nordskov Jaeger is our most complex unisex watch in gold. The gold and complications of the watch give the precious and sporty watch a sophisticated expression. The three complications surrounded by gold rings gives the watch an edge to its otherwise minimalistic style.


For each sold Nordskov product, 5 trees are planted in different rainforests globally (e.g. Amazon, India, Rwanda, Burundi, and Madagascar).


Nordskov Jaeger has a dail made of walnut tree, and since wood is a living material, it will eventually have its own story with the owner. A story that grows together with the five trees you have planted in a rainforest with the purchase of the Nordskov Jaeger. The name Jaeger comes from the street of Jægergårdsgade in Aarhus C. where you could find a large selection of delicious cafes and restaurants. Here is a very aarhusian authenticity, which we can identify the precious gold watch that still has a terrestrial expression with its brown dail, which is made of walnut wood. In addition, the location of Nordskov’s headquarters is also on Jægergårdsgade. If you prefer a different watch strap on your watch, then simply notify us during the checkout in “order notes”. Then we will change it for you.