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Terms & Conditions

The terms of use and sale

This page reveals to you the terms and conditions that are applied to supplying any of the products displayed on our site to you. Carefully read through and understand these terms and conditions before you order any product from our website. Please note that you are agreeing to our terms and conditions anytime you order any of our products.

For future reference, we will advise you make a printout of this terms and condition for future purposes.

During the checkout process, you are agreeing and accepting these terms and condition by clicking the “I accept” checkbox under the personal information input fields. Refusal to click “I accept” checkbox will render your order incomplete and won’t be submitted as a result.

The contract between you and us

Your order Is like you are making an offer to us in order to purchase and make payment for a product of ours. We shall be ready to accept all orders and we shall confirm your acceptance by sending an email that shows that the product has been bought by you and has been dispatched. It is only until you receive the dispatch confirmation that the contract between you (the buyer) and us (the seller) will be formed. We also have the authority to reject any order at our sole will.


Nordskov doesn’t charge the customer’s credit card before we have shipped the product. The charge will go into a pending state when its getting ready to ship, usually a day, which looks like a charge but isn’t quite, it’s an authorization charge until it ships then it gets sent through completely.


If everything is okay and we don’t encounter any delay or sort, your order should be delivered within 2 – 4 working days after an order has been placed by you. The order shall be given the grace of 30 days after the dispatch confirmation to be fulfilled.

Delivery shall be surely made to the address of the account holder for all PayPal orders.

The current delivery status will be shown at the checkout and incorporated into the total amount to be paid for the order.

Email shall be sent to you showing that the order has been dispatched.

Cost and Payment

The cost of any product will be as cited on our site, aside from in instances of clear blunder and errors. these costs incorporate vat at the present the Danish rate.

The cost of a product can vary and is not constant, however, changes won’t influence orders in regard to which we have effectively sent you a despatch affirmation.

It is possible that some products our website might be erroneously priced, pictured and described. We will make sure we check and verify costs during dispatch processes. In a situation where a product’s cost price is higher than the selling price displayed on our site, we can either get in touch with you before the product is dispatched or reject the order and send an email to you to let you know the reasons behind the order’s rejection.

All product payments must be by either by PayPal or a credit card. We will be charging your account immediately we get your order. If we found out that a product ordered is out of stock, we are always able and ready to do a refund.


After the acceptance of the order, everything next is at your own risk until you receive the product. Take note that you will be required to sign and accept product’s delivery. In case you are not around during delivery, someone else can do the signing. We shall determine the ownership of the product if we see the full product payment and the delivery charges.

Right to Cancel

You are offered the right to cross out this agreement within a period of 14 days without providing any reason. The cancellation time frame will lapse after 14 days following the day of acquirement, or an outsider other than the transporter and showed by you obtains, physical ownership of the products. You won’t have any privilege to cross out an agreement for the supply of any item which has been customized for you or at your demand unless we are to blame.

Our refunds policy

If you want to return items to us,  please email us or utilize the online form for cancellation. Then, we will send you address marks for use while giving back the items to us. You should give back the items by a method secured by insurance safeguarding the items’ value and by a technique that requires a mark from us to recognize our receipt of the items that was returned. On the other hand, we will organize accumulation at your product cost.

Returning a product

Since you have crossed out the agreement between us within a time-frame of 14 days, we will prepare the refund because of you at the earliest period and within 30 days starting from the day you have notified us of your cancellation. For this situation, we will give back the full cost of the item, subject to a condition, together with any conveyance charges paid to us by you for the conveyance of the item to you. The returning cost of the item to us will be paid by you.

For some other reason allowed on our returns and trades page such as an item being defective and then returned, we will look at the returned item and will inform you of any entitlement through email within a reasonable timeframe.

We will definitely give back any cash received from you utilizing a similar method originally utilized by you for payment.


We warrant our watches against defects in both material and workmanship. Under normal use and service, every hardware bit of the products will be free from any physical defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period, or the product will be replaced or repaired as determined solely by Nordskov.

Nordskov provides a limited warranty of 3 years for its products only to the person or entity that originally purchased the product from Nordskov or its authorized distributor or retailer.

The warranty covers defects in mechanism, materials and workmanship.